To the editor:

Over the years, Putnam County has been blessed with strong and effective social services. These services have been developed and maintained to advance the lives of many Putnam County residents in need of special services.

Local control and operational control are extremely important to enhance this quality of life for individuals who are recipients of local services.

The State of Ohio has made many strides to strengthen our State’s economy, such as state income tax reduction. As a taxpayer these moves are appreciated. However, when these income tax reduction programs are initiated, other programs suffer economic hardships.

One example of this reduction is reduced financial support for local operated programs such as Brookhill Center. Whereas years ago, the State supported Brookhill by 27%. That support has been reduced to 11% each of the last 5 years. This equates to a loss of over $380,000 per year.

Brookhill’s responsibilities are growing. Along with other services they continue to develop general care for the community and supported employment for individuals.

Brookhill’s programs and services are available to all in Putnam County. They are in our communities, close to home, and utilized by our neighbors, friends, and family. Please continue your support of Brookhill Center and Workshop.

Joseph Uphaus, Chair

Mike Ruhe, Executive Director

Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Board of Putnam County

Aaron Baumgartner, Executive Director

Pathways Counseling Center