To the editor:

Do you believe in career politicians who put party over policy and are destroying our country or would you prefer electing statesmen who put people and policy first? This year Ohioans will be blessed with opportunities we have not seen in many years because statesmen are stepping up.

Pastor Corey Shankleton, a Conservative Republican, is running for State Senate District 1 against Cliff Hite. Corey is endorsed by Ohio Pro-Life Action, Ohioans for Educational Freedom, and the Ohio Citizens Pac.

Pastor Shankleton worked diligently on the Heartbeat Bill, which only asks for responsible abortion before a heartbeat is detected. The Republicans let this opportunity take a back seat to politics as usual. He also realizes the dangers of an education dictated and financed through the federal government by Race to the Top Funds coming to Ohio’s cashed strapped schools. Once again Cliff Hite along with many other Republican establishment cronies support Common Core, and think by calling it Ohio Common Core that people will be fooled. It is up to the people to stop this cycle of electing career politicians who say one thing and do another, and are financed and supported by the establishment for favors. Will you continue to support the status quo or will you vote for statesmen? Only you and your vote can stop this self-destructive cycle.

A Dessert Reception and Fundraiser will be held at 1917 S. Main Street, Findlay, on Friday, April 4 from 7 to 9 p.m. Please come if you are tired of politics as usual.


Vanessa Vandale