I do not typically watch a lot of television simply because I'm too busy doing other things but this week I am making an exception. My nose has been glued to that screen from the moment I get home in the evening until midnight as I watch the Olympics. I've discovered that if I had to choose between the summer and the winter olympics, I definitely have a higher interest in the summer games.
My favorite is and always has been gymnastics. To me one of the greatest Olympic events happened in 1996 when U.S. gymnast, Kari Strug helped her team bring home the team gold medal after performing a perfect vault routine with a bummed ankle. I cry every time I watch the video of her coach, Bela Karoli carry her off the mats and then again carry her to the medal-stage.
Each year I choose a favorite gymnast and follow her throughout the Olympic events. In 1996 it was Kari Strug, this year I've chosen Gabby Douglas. I will always remember her quote after her team won the all around gold medal, "the glory goes up to Him and the blessings fall down to me."
Now, I am not just a gymnastics fanatic during the summer Olympics, I also love to watch swimming and I have been following Michael Phelps since the 2008 Olympic summer games and was excited to see that he set a record for winning the most medals. I was a little disappointed when he fell short of winning medals in his first few races during this year's Olympics. I was, however happy to see him pick up his plow and set another record which claimed that he was the best Olympian ever.
I do not believe however that he will retire after this year. I think he'll be back in 2016.
Another favorite event in the summer Olympics is the diving events and although I have not watched many of them, I am sure I will be glued to the television this weekend as the Olympics begin to wind down.
I do have some winter Olympics favorites as I love to watch the ice skating events and some may see the hockey fanatic come out in me during this time.