What can one buy with $21.13? How about a dinner at a nice restaurant or a night out at the movies? What about a full tank of gas or two steaks to grill for dinner?
I can't think of anywhere that I would get a nice dinner for $21.13 unless I drank water and ordered an appetizer instead of a main course. I might be able to get into the movies for that, but I would not be able to include yummy popcorn and a diet soda and forget about filling up my car with gas for less than $40 these days. Additionally, a nice steak dinner on the grill for two would cost me over $30 unless I purchase chuck steak.
However, $21.13 per year is all I would have to pay to ensure that my home or business in Putnam County would receive top notch care in the event of a fire. Plus, I would be relieved had that been my father, grandpa or uncle rescued from the top of the Gilboa Elevator after having a heart attack.
$21.13 is all I would have to pay to ensure this county receives a new county wide ladder truck. The truck is not to look pretty in parades, it is to ensure that the high pitched roof on my house can be accessed quickly to extinguish a house fire. It is to ensure that when one of my relatives gets stuck at the top of a tall building or elevator, they can safely be rescued.
Even if I still lived in Ft. Jennings, it would take about the same time for this ladder truck to reach my home than it would for the one in Elida. The comfort I would feel is that there is a greater guarantee that I would have access to a ladder truck, because of the county wide truck.
I understand that people feel that Ottawa receives all the good stuff because it is the county seat but every department had the opportunity to house this truck but can they afford it?
Ottawa is kicking in $100,000 to have the kick backs of this truck. Not only is the village paying for it, they will man it. There is not a doubt in my mind that every fireman or firewoman in this county could sufficiently run a ladder truck. However, the department in Ottawa is already trained on a ladder truck and has the capacity to house the truck so the transition would be smooth.
I think having a county wide ladder truck is a great idea and I hope people take the time to learn the facts about this great addition to our county before voting on that levy on Nov. 6.
Just think about your homes and businesses and what you would do in the event of a fire that needed a ladder truck and the department requesting the truck was turned down.