OTTAWA - The third day of the trial against Jeremy Stober continued today. Stober, former Kalida High School teacher and coach is facing several charges including gross sexual battery. The jury listened to several witnesses from the defense on Wednesday afternoon.

Several witnesses took the stand on Wednesday for the prosecutor, including the investigative detective for the case. During the cross examination, the defense attorney questioned the accuracy of the text script submitted which was typed by someone from the phone of a victim. The defense also argued the only evidence supporting what the victims have said about the alleged sexual activities are the victims testimonies. There have been no witnesses at any of the events that allegedly occurred.

The defense called witnesses to the stand which included some women who were volleyball players during Stober's time coaching. All the women who testified admitted they never witnesses any inappropriate actions from the defendant. Other witnesses were former coaching assistants, who testified that no players ever reported any inappropriate actions by Stober.

The trial will continue tomorrow as the defense finishes and closing arguments are made.