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PUTNAM COUNTY — When a question was first raised regarding how monies related to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office ‘Running with the Law’ fundraiser were being spent, it centered on whether or not funds in the Sheriff’s auxiliary account are public funds. However, when the Auditor’s office followed up on the inquiry with the assistance of the Prosecutor’s office, another question soon emerged. Which auxiliary account?

In recent years, two such accounts have existed, the discovery of which only came to light within the last few weeks, according to Putnam County Prosecutor Gary Lammers.

“We said we’d go out and get with the Sheriff’s Office,” Lammers said. “We did so. I’m going to say, I’m not sure what date that occurred. It’s probably been two weeks, roughly. It was [Auditor Robert Benroth], myself, Jack Betscher [from the Commissioner’s Office,] and...

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