PUTNAM COUNTY  — The hard work of Putnam County employees and the diligence of the Putnam County Commissioners have paid off for the county.  In 2012 the county joined Group Retrospective Rating program through the County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO).  This program provides financial rewards for counties who promote a safe workplace and actively manage their workers’ compensation claims.  It was revealed on February 28th at a quarterly meeting in Columbus, that Putnam County will receive a $54,970.37 rebate in April from the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation.  This rebate is based upon the excellent performance of Putnam County and the Group Retrospective Rating Program.  

“Education and prevention are the key factors in our success”, claims Commissioner John Love.  “We have very good employees working for the county and we make every effort to keep them safe and productive.  They are the reason for our success.”  Commissioner Vincent Schroeder noted that this achievement impacted the county’s budget.  “We have realized better outcomes for injured workers and this in turn has resulted in cost savings for the county.”  “Joining the program came with some risks”, he said.  “This could have lead to additional assessments against the county, if our outcomes were not good.”   Commissioner Travis Jewers declared that it was a risk worth taking.  “We believed in our employees, our management staff, CCAO as well as our consulting partner Comp Management.”  “It was a calculated risk that paid dividends”, Jewers concluded.


The Group Retrospective Rating Program began in 2010.  Qualifications for joining this group are contingent upon worker’s compensation claims and how the county manages its employees regarding worker’s compensation.  The program began with 15 counties.  In 2014 the Group Retrospective Rating Program will have 33 counties.  Since Putnam County’s rebates were established by Group Retrospective in 2012, the county has saved $86,064.71.