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PUTNAM COUNTY — Last Wednesday, October 4, Alisha Nelson, Director of Substance Use and Policy Initiatives for Ohio’s Attorney General’s Office, attended a meeting of Putnam County’s Opiate Task Force. Nelson was there to share the “Heroin Unit Community Solutions Guide,” a 23-page document that compiles best practices and solutions from around the state for confronting the current opioid crisis. She was also there to listen. Specifically, she wanted to hear about what Putnam County’s officers, jail personnel, those who work in the courts, emergency services personnel, social work agencies and religious communities needed to tackle this issue head-on.

The approximately 35 individuals present who work for or otherwise represent those institutions were ready to oblige.

After noting that there have been 26 overdoses so far this year in Putnam County, Sheriff Siefker spoke about an impactful change he has made at the sheriff’s office when confronted with an overdose, “What I do now is...

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