KALIDA — Concerns about flooding, and the new preliminary flood maps released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), aren’t confined to the Village of Ottawa. On Monday evening, members of Kalida Council discussed this week’s FEMA community meetings about the FIS (Flood Insurance Study) and the FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Map) maps.

Although the meetings, one for officials and another for the public, are being held at the Putnam County Office of Public Safety in Glandorf, engineer Greg Bockrath briefed council members following his own review of the FIRM, a copy of which he carried with him to the meeting.

Bockrath also showed council a copy of the previous FEMA flood map which was issued in 1984. The map was a visually simple document compared to those now under review.

“What I predict is going to happen is that people who live along Ottawa River or Plum Creek, any flooding source or any tributary of Ottawa River or Plum Creek, are probably going to get thrown back in the flood zone,” said Bockrath. He added that homeowners can request a variance if they feel their property qualifies.

“I can definitely see people getting contacted by banks who say they need flood insurance,” said Bockrath.

Members of the Park Board shared good news regarding developments in the village’s Four Seasons Park. Lions Club members Bill Rieman and Ron Kahle presented council members with plans for three projects: a new shelter house and pavilion driveway on the south side of Road M, and an addition to the metal building on the north side. They also discussed playground equipment that will be situated on the north side. Playground equipment was installed south of Road M in 2013. According to Rieman , the Lions have secured much of the necessary funding for the presented projects.

Adam Cupp of Fawcett, Lammon and Recker Associates presented council with findings for the village’s upcoming health insurance renewal. Kalida currently carries a plan through Medical Mutual of Ohio. According to Cupp, the plan cost is projected to increase 9.59 percent with the Aug. 1 renewal. Although the agent presented council with other plan options, he advised them to stay with the current plan.

Council also considered:

-Front, Third and Plum Streets sewer improvements;

-approval of the village’s 2015 budget;

-including funds in the viallage’s 2016 budget toward a State Route 115 pedestrian bridge, unlees someone steps forward to spearhead fundraising for the project.

The next regular meeting of Kalida Council is scheduled for July 21.