GLANDORF — Roofing work for the former Meadows of OG in Glandorf was approved last week by the Putnam County Commissioners. It is the first step among many that will provide renovation work to transform the former nursing home to office space for three Putnam County agencies.

Plans for the Glandorf building include office space for the Putnam County Board of Election, Putnam County Job and Family Services and Putnam County HomeCare and Hospice.

Putnam County Commissioner Vince Schroeder said the renovation work should be done sometime in early 2015. He said the front part of the building will be used by Job and Family Services. The Board of Election will use the middle part of the building and HomeCare and Hospice will use the back part of the building.

Schroeder said Job and Family Services is paying for the renovation work needed for their offices. They are currently housed at 1225 E. Third Street, Ottawa.

HomeCare and Hospice will pay a lease for their use of office space in the building. They currently have their office space on the second floor of the building at 139 Court Street in Ottawa.

The county will pay for the renovation work needed for the offices for the Board of Election, now located in the Court House Annex building at 245 E. Main Street.

To get out of the flood zone was the reason Schroeder gave for moving the Board of Election to the Glandorf complex.

Putnam County Commissioner Travis Jerwers also said this location offers more parking and is more centrally located.

Kim Diamond, director of Job and Family Services, also said ongoing flooding problems, was the reason they have decided to move.

“We’re in a low spot and every time we have heavy rains, a flood gate has to be put up and we have to close.”

He said this is not only difficult for employees and clients, but also for partnering agencies, who often travel a far distance, and have to turn back when heavy rains occur.

Schroeder said they are still reviewing plans and do not have an actual cost estimate for the projects. On Thursday the commissioners approved a $66,872 bid from E. Lee Construction Company, Delphos, to replace the roof at the OG Road Complex. Earlier this year , the Putnam County Commissioners also designated that 25 percent of casino revenue from the state should go into the capital fund to help pay for the renovation work.

Putnam County Commissioner Travis Jerwers said the Office of Veterans Service is considering moving to the Court House Annex once the Board of Elections move out.

“This is only in the talking stage though,” Jerwers said. This was confirmed by Putnam County Veterans’ Service Officer Joe Moenter.

The Red Cross and the Putnam County Prosecutor’s office on the second floor would remain in the courthouse annex.

The county gained ownership of the Glandorf building as part of a transition agreement made with Trilogy, the former owners of the building. In the fall of 2012 the Putnam County Commissioners announced Trilogy would take over operations of Putnam Acres Care Center, the county-owned nursing home. They also announced the transition of Putnam Acres Care Center to Trilogy would take place on Jan 1. Trilogy announced their plans to build a new facility on Putnam Parkway in Ottawa to replace both Putnam Acres and The Meadows of Ottawa-Glandorf.

As part of the agreement the county became owners of the O-G Meadows building and 5.9 acres across the street from O-G. The commissioners have retained ownership of the Putnam Acres facility and plan to make this a records storage facility for the county once Putnam Parkway is complete and residents have moved to the new facility.

Groundbreaking for the new facility on Putnam Parkway was held in August 2013 and completion is expected sometime this fall.

The new facility will consist of 54 skilled health rooms with 36 of those rooms being private. The facility will also provide 36 assisted living units, a service that is not currently provided at The Meadows of Ottawa-Glandorf. The new facility is expected to bring about 30 additional full-time jobs to the area and relocate the current employees at the Ottawa-Glandorf facility.

The facility will feature 1,300 square feet of therapy space for outpatient therapy; a 2,600 square foot dining room and over 1,700 square feet of lounging and activity space. Over 9,000 square feet of patio and courtyards will also be available.