OTTOVILLE — A number of residents attended the Ottoville Village Council meeting Monday night to express their concerns about the ongoing planning stages of the construction of a Dollar General Store on US 224.

Ottoville School Superintendent Scott Mangas was present to voice his concerns about safety issues — school children crossing US 224 — to get to the Dollar General Store.

Other residents and business owners also voiced their concerns.

Mayor Ron Miller said that school children crossing US 224 is a safety factor and is the biggest concern.

“Everything is on hold until Dollar General’s corporate office makes a decision,” Miller said. “They prospect all over the country and then select the few locations where they want to build.”

He said John Schimmoeller of Schimmoeller Construction in Kalida has been working on the property taking core samples.

Schimmoeller addressed the resident’s concerns and said he felt these would work themselves out in time. Schimmoeller did not feel council needed to address the issues now since the corporation was still in the planning stages.

“I’d like to see Dollar General come in,” Miller said. “For everybody’s convenience.”

Miller said that if anyone has any suggestions, he is open to talking with them.

Villagers will see an increase in their sewer rates on their first quarter billing in April. Council members passed on emergency measure an ordinance raising sewer rates to 50 cents per 1,000 gallons. In February 2013, council approved raising sewer rates 25 cents per 1,000 gallons, which increased the village’s revenue by $8,000 per year.

Board of Public Affairs member Dan Honigford said the sewer increase is needed for infiltration and inflow repairs needed at the water treatment plant to be in compliance as required by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He said the funds will also be used for training another wastewater operator.

Council heard for the first time an ordinance accepting the annexation of 19.253 acres of land owned by the Putnam County Port Authority located at the Industrial Park, which is set to be purchased by Jim Miller. In addition, members heard the first reading of an ordinance amending Community Reinvestment Area Agreement.

Village council members made a number of appointments, which included a new council president, Randy Altenburger, and new council member Darren Leis. After the vote, Leis joined the meeting and was sworn in by Miller, who administered the oath of office.

Members also approved Fiscal Officer Jeanne Wannemacher to attend the Auditor of State Local Government Conference March 5-6 and appointed Miller and Wannemacher to the Tax Incentive Review Council. In addition, council authorized Roger Miller to continue as the village’s Putnam County Port Authority representative.

By unanimous vote, Main Street Market’s TREX liquor license was approved. Council also exercised the option to grant Real Waste Disposal an exclusive franchise for the collection of refuse with in the village for 3 years.

During the Police Report, Chief Herrick informed council that Deputy Stetler had resigned. Herrick has advertised for another deputy to replace him.

Council members discussed the intersection of State Route 66 and US 224, which used to have a 3-way light until a storm in 2012 knocked it down. The village has been looking to replace the light and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has stated the village should replace it with a regular traffic light. Councilman Tony Langhals spoke with ODOT about the traffic issues at the intersection; drivers not stopping, etc.

ODOT has requested data about those vehicles not stopping at this intersection before they make any changes.

Council requested Chief Herrick patrol the intersection.

Council also discussed an ordinance for unsafe structures within the village, which was discussed for a property at 130 S. West Canal St. Councilman Carl Byrne made a motion to contact the owner and have the property evaluated.

“The siding and windows have been removed,” Wannemacher stated. “The windows have been boarded up and the house has been left abandoned.”

Honigford also expressed concerns with council’s decision to sell land next to the 200,000 gallon water tower. He felt there would be issues that could arise if there is not room for maintenance vehicles around the tower. Vaughn Horstman was also present and after the discussion about the maintenance issues, council offered to sell him the track of land which will not include the property needed for maintenance at the water tower. In addition, the sanitary sewer will be extended to that property.

Honigford also informed council of the high quote received from Homeland Security for installation of security system in the firehouse. He said he will get additional quotes and bring them to a future meeting. Honigford also discussed the leaky roof and deterioration of the siding on the fire house and said he will get quotes for the repairs..

Wannemacher reported the permanent appropriations for the 2014 Budget totaled $ 1,672,948.66, which was reviewed and approved by council.

Council also changed the certificate of estimated resources and added $115,178.79 to the Capital Fund to pay the final payment for Auglaize Street project.

The next council meeting will be held in council chambers at 7 p.m. on Feb. 24.