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PUTNAM COUNTY — According to the Sentinel’s archives, in May of 1987, Putnam County’s unemployment rate had recently fallen to 10.5 percent. Randall Basinger was sworn in as the county’s new Common Pleas Court Judge. And, most of the county’s operations were being conducted without any protection from liability insurance.

Fast forward thirty years to today and such an unemployment number would be considered a dire crisis (in 2008, when the last financial crisis hit, it was 5.7), Judge Basinger has recently retired from the bench, and the county is being celebrated as one of, “Nine Brave Counties,” for working to establishing the County Risk Sharing Authority. In addition to Putnam County, Adams, Darke, Fayette, Guernsey, Henry, Huron, Scioto and Wyandot came together during a summer conference on Kings Island to form the authority. 12 counties had been expected, but three decided to hold off at the last minute. Tax Exempt Bonds were issued to provide for its funding. No one was certain the plan would...

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