CONTINENTAL - Dick Heyman, Executive Vice President of Poggemeyer Design Group, made a presentation to the Continental Village Council during the regular meeting on Nov. 12.

Heyman discussed the village's need to set a schedule and establish steps to comply with Ohio's EPA orders regarding the byproducts of trihalomethanes (TTHM). TTHM are used for chlorinating and disinfecting the village's water supply. The council approved for Heyman to respond to the EPA on behalf of the village. Village Solicitor Scott Welch will review the response prior to it being sent. Mayor Terry Dockery explained after the meeting that the EPA changed the permissible PPM (parts per million) of TTHM effective Jan. 1, 2013.

"Because our levels were slightly elevated, the EPA was going to fine the village $2,400. There was no money to fund the resolution of this issue. Yes, we want cleaner water, but not at the expense of the village residents.

I met with the EPA two months ago in Columbus about this matter.

I told them I don't think we need to increase residents' water rates to satisfy them (EPA)."

The mayor said he had been unaware of the change in the mandate.

"In the past, the only person who received the EPA's mandate updates was the water/sewer operator. The updates were not sent to the mayor or the council, who is ultimately being held accountable. Shelly Coble (the village administrator) and I are now getting all updates from the EPA by e-mail, so we can be aware of any changes in mandates and be prepared to deal with them," he stated.

The mayor wanted to assure residents that the Continental village water supply is safe to drink.

"We would have been OK, according to the old mandates," he added.

Mayor Dockery advised the Council of the water main break that occurred Nov. 1 on North Main Street. Water bubbled up in front of the Village Hall from a large underground cavity. The ground was torn up and lines were replaced on both sides of the road. A hydrant was also replaced. The Mayor is waiting to obtain additional bids for the EMS roof. At this time, he only has one bid; he would like to get some competitive bids. The new police vehicle has arrived, but needs to have lights installed and detail work completed before it is ready for service.

In other matters, council approved:

• a building permit for Mark McCullough for a re-roofing project and two garage doors

• a donation of $300 to the Putnam County CIC.