LEIPSIC — In an effort to conform to a request from the State Auditor, Leipsic Village Council passed an emergency measure on Monday amending the village’s financial recovery plan.

“Primarily what it is, we took dollars appropriated for capital improvements…just things that aren’t absolutely, positively necessary…so we’ve taken those and rearranged them,” explained Village Administrator Kevin Lammon.

Specifically, Lammon told council that monies appropriated to pay for updating the concession stand/restroom facility at Bennett Park, paving within the village and improvements at the water plant are now redirected to address the village’s obligation to the state.

Lammon further proposed to council that the need to redirect funds appropriated for improvements within the village chiefly stems from income tax revenues that were roughly half of those originally anticipated. More troubling still are forecasts from the State Auditor’s office that anticipate more of the same.

“Apparently the economy has not recovered quite as well as we estimated,” Lammon said. “In 2017, they’re estimating that our general fund will go negative again.”

Council approved the amendment on emergency in order to assure that it is available for approval by the Financial Planning and Supervision Commission at its next meeting on Sept. 4.

Council also approved the sale of a village-owned van, as well as a diesel generator, both of which see little use.

The next meeting of the Leipsic Village Council will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 2, at 7:30 p.m. The change in the schedule makes accommodation for the Labor Day holiday.