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PUTNAM COUNTY — With September designated as National Library Card Signup Month, the Sentinel sat down with Kelly Ward, Director of the Putnam County Library to discuss the programs provided for patrons and the changes she has seen In her near 10-years as head of the organization. When describing the biggest change in how the library is used, Ward focuses on their digital offerings, “E-books, e-magazines, everything digital. Also a push to have more activities for patrons such as ‘Maker Spaces’ (workshops where the basics of 3D printing are taught and enthusiasts can test ideas), the library as a place to do things, to come make things.”

This shift reflects a growing focus on innovation and also a return to the roots of American libraries. In some areas, you once were able to check out tents for camping, poles for fishing or tools for a shop class project. Now, you can checkout a Verizon Mobile Hotspot, “Over the summer it was crazy,” says Ward of the mobile hotspot’s popularity, “You have to call in advance. Two [of the hotspots] are on the shelf and you can come in and reserve them, or check them out if they’re available. The other three you can...

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