Criminal/Jan. 13

Veronica L. Landwehr, 38, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to passing bad checks, sentenced to 180 days jail, suspended, fined $150. Three counts passing bad checks were dismissed.

Traffic/Jan. 13

Kelly A. Compher, 29, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to driving under FRA/non compliance and was fined $150.

Traffic/Jan. 14

Paul Ybarra, 52, Leipsic, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of second-offense OVI, sentenced to 180 days jail, 90 suspended, fined $1,000, five year license suspension, six points, and complete assessment at Pathways Counseling Center. A charge of driving under FRA/non compliance was dismissed.

Timothy Harriger, 22, Ottawa, pleaded no contest to driving under suspension, sentenced to 180 days jail, fine $250, and one-year license suspension with work release.

Civil/Jan. 15

Rick Good, Fort Jennings, and Wendy Good, Fort Jennings, to pay judgment of $4,112.49, plus interest and costs to F & M Properties, LLC, Cloverdale.

Adam Lomeli, Leipsic, to pay judgment of $2,170.44, plus interest and costs to Midland Funding, LLC, San Diego.

Criminal/Jan. 16

Emily K. Schoepfle, 20, Columbus Grove, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of disorderly conduct and was fined $100.

Traffic/Jan. 16

Rickie L. Thomas, 22, Lima, pleaded guilty to points, penalties and appeals and was fined $250.

Civil/Jan. 16

Robert S. Guerra, Leipsic, and Janie Guerra, Leipsic, to pay judgment of $1,736.94, plus interest and costs to Blanchard Valley Health System, Findlay.


Katherine M. Mitchell, 20, Gahanna, speeding, $50 fine.

Fidel Paniagua, 36, Ottawa, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Scott D. Prowant Jr., 19, Continental, speeding, $60 fine.

Ruben Cortes, 60, Lynn, Ind., closed road, $50 fine.

Josue G. Pecero, 35, Ottawa, driving without valid license-unclassified misdemeanor, failure to control, $210 fine.

Kenneth Korte, 58, Delphos, speeding, $60 fine.

Raymond C. Hartzell, 54, Stryker, speeding, $60 fine.

Christine M. Hageman, 44, Fort Wayne, Ind., driving without valid license, $60 fine.

Bryant S. Trenkamp, 24, Cloverdale, failure to control, $60 fine.

Kristy M. Cereghin, 34, Defiance, right-of-way/stop sign-yield signs, $50 fine.

Gregory W. Klear, 56, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.

Nicholas D. Walther, 18, Pandora, speeding, $50 fine.

Eric D. Rieman, 23, Ottawa, failure to obey traffic control signal, $50 fine.

Virginia I. Britsch, 61, Cloverdale, speeding, $50 fine.