Feb. 1

Kindra Clemens, Cloverdale, was granted a divorce from Lukas Clemens, Paulding. They were married June 1, 2002 in Paulding, and have two children.

Feb. 2

Jennifer J. Gillette, 25, Ottawa, entered a plea of admission of violating the terms of supervision. The violations include using heroin on Jan. 23, and possessing drug abuse instruments. She will remain on supervision pending sentencing. She must comply with all recommendations of counseling and not leave Putnam County.

Farm Credit Mid-America, Louisville, Ky., was granted judgment against William J. Like, Leipsic, on the first count in the amount of $44,802.38, plus interest and on the second count $18,838.86, plus interest and costs.

Jenna Heuerman, Vaughnsville, and Chad A. Heuerman, Cloverdale, were granted a dissolution of marriage. They were married Aug. 11, 2012 in Ottoville, and have two children.

New Cases

Putnam County Treasurer Tracy Warnecke, Ottawa, v. Maag’s Hotel Bar & Restaurant, Inc., c/o Beth Diller, Findlay; foreclosure.

Eric R. Brinkman, Kalida, and Lindsay R. Brinkman, Kalida; dissolution of marriage with children.

Jennifer Treadway, Elida, and Jerrod Treadway, Elida, v. Elaine Niese, Columbus Grove; personal injury.

Benjamin M. Schroeder, Leipsic, and Staci J. Schroeder, Ottawa; dissolution of marriage with children.

Brandon Shafer, Fort Jennings, and Donna Vorst, Fort Jennings; dissolution of marriage without children.