Thursday, June 22, 2017
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LEGAL NOTICE BID- COMMUNICATION TOWER U-14.0 x 200’ Tower Corner of Hickory and 3rd Streets Ottawa, Ohio The Putnam County Commissioners wish to sell a steel tower structure constructed in 1991. This will either be a sale of the tower along with its deconstruction and removal from its present placement or the sale of the tower and a 10-year renewable land lease agreement with the tower in its present place. Bidder may choose to bid on either or both aforementioned options. The tower is a PiRod Model: U-14.0 x 200’. Tower was designed to Code/Standard TIA/EIA-222-D for wind loading at 80 mph. Tower has successfully experienced 110 mph sustained winds during the summer of 2011. A complete Tower Reanalysis completed in the spring of 2015 is available for view at the office of the Putnam County Commissioners. The successful bidder will remove the equipment on the tower now owned by Putnam County. The successful bidder will lease the land beneath the tower for a period of ten years on a renewable basis. Successful bidder will maintain the parcel of land under the tower and the tower, itself, in good condition to provide for safe operation. This will include but not limited to metal fatigue, lightening rod(s), guy wires, tower legs and pipe mounts, grass mowing and trimming, etc. in order to secure the well-being of the area residents, seamless tower operation and to uphold the level of community standards set by the Village of Ottawa. The successful bidder will provide the County with: Insurance policies required to be purchased and maintained by the tower owner will include a reasonable loss deductible, which shall be the responsibility of the tower owner to pay in the event of loss. The Putnam County Commissioners will be named as additionally insured on the policy. Lessee will provide the County with an inspection report on the condition of the tower every five (5) years. Lessee will provide the County with a certificate of insurance annually confirming their insurance policy for tower coverage. The successful bidder must sign a contract with the County detailing mutual understandings and responsibilities regarding tower operation, maintenance and obligations. Prior approval of the Putnam County Commissioners is required for permission for any and all apparatus(es) Lessee wishes to attach to the tower. If at any time the tower is toppled, severely damaged or removed, be it intentional or unintentional, the property reverts back to the county and the present enacted land lease agreement is at that time permanently terminated. The cost of cleaning debris from the tower and property at the tower site and in the vicinity of the immediate area along with the deconstruction of the remaining remnants of the tower will be at the cost of the lessee. The Putnam County Commissioners reserve the right to accept or reject any and all bids. John E. Love Vincent T. Schroeder Michael A. Lammers

NOTICE OF SALE UNDER JUDGMENT OF FORECLOSURE OF LIENS FOR DELINQUENT LAND TAXES IN THE COMMON PLEAS COURT OF PUTNAM COUNTY OHIO CASE NO. 2017 CV00014 In The Matter Of Foreclosure Of Liens For Delinquent Land Taxes County Treasurer of Putnam County, Ohio, Plaintiff -vs- Maag’s Hotel Bar & Restaurant Inc. et al c/o Beth Diller 325 West Melrose Avenue Findlay, OH 45840, Defendant WHEREAS, Judgment has been rendered against certain parcels of real property for taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest, and cost as follows: Situated in the Village of Leipsic, County of Putnam, and State of Ohio, and known as being: Inlot number 8, except 62 feet off the north end thereof Parcel Number 61-052140.0000 Prior Instrument Reference: Volume 204, Page 659 and; WHEREAS, such judgment orders such real property to be sold by the undersigned to satisfy the total amount of such judgment; Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given that I, Deputy Greg Westrick of Putnam County, Ohio, will sell such real property at public auction, for cash, to the highest bider of an amount that equals at least $122,209.61 at 10:00AM at the Court House, in Putnam County, Ottawa, Ohio, on Thursday, the 6th day of July, 2017. If any parcel does not receive a sufficient bid, it shall be offered for sale, under the same terms and conditions of the first sale and at the same time of day and at the same place, on the 27th day of July 2017 for an amount that equals at least $122,209.61 Dated 06/14/17. Brian S. Siefker, Sheriff, Putnam County By Deputy Greg Westrick

NOTICE OF Second Public Hearing

FY2017 Community Development Block Grant Formula Program

The Putnam County Board of County Commissioners intends to apply to the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) for funding under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Small Cities Formula/Allocation and Neighborhood Revitalization Grant (NRG) Programs, federally funded programs administered by the State. The County is eligible for $150,000 of FY2017 CDBG funding, and up to $500,000 in NRG funding, providing the County meets applicable program requirements. The Board convened the first of two required public hearings on January 25, 2017 to inform citizens about the CDBG programs, how they may be used, what activities are eligible, and other important program requirements. The Board did then publicly solicit projects from the villages, cities, townships, and other eligible entities within the County.

Based on both citizen input and local officials’ assessment of the County’s needs, the Board is proposing to use the FY2017 CDBG Formula Program and NRG funds as follows:

Project Objective

$10,000 1) Village of Continental-

Sparkling Park ADA Access (LMI benefit)

$65,000 2) Village of Leipsic-

Reservoir Improvements (LMI benefit)

$45,000 3) Village of Columbus Grove

-ADA Access (Cross & Broadway) (Limited Clientele)

$25,500 4) Administration

$ 4,500 5) Fair Housing


The Neighborhood Revitalization Grant will include the following projects in the Village of Continental. Objective for all projects: LMI Benefit

$226,909 1) Street Resurfacing,

4,247 LF (W. Maple, 1st,

Elm, W. Grove, Oak) LMI Benefit

$ 93,077 2) Sidewalks, 1,959 LF

(Main St., Library) LMI Benefit

$150,014 3) Sparling Park Improvements

(equipment, site prep, seeding

and mulching, 2,650 SF parking

lot repaving, new restrooms) LMI Benefit

$ 30,000 4) Application Prep and Admin

$500,000 Total Request

A second public hearing will be convened by the Board on Friday, June 30, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioners Office located in the Putnam County Courthouse, 245 East Main Street, Ottawa, Ohio 45875 to give citizens an opportunity to review and comment on the County’s proposed projects before the County’s grant application is submitted to the Ohio Department of Development on or before July 14, 2017.

Citizens are encouraged to attend this public hearing to express their views concerning the proposed application. Should any participant require auxiliary aids due to disability, please contact this office at least one week prior to the hearing date to ensure needs will be accommodated. However, any citizen wishing to submit written comments prior to the hearing may direct them to the attention of Ashley Siefker, Grants/Wage Coordinator at the address given above.

By the order of the Board of

County Commissioners, Putnam County, Ohio

John E. Love

Michael A. Lammers

Vincent T. Schroeder

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